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This site is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the Belgian farm boy, Paul Splingaerd, who became a mandarin in China and used his position to improve relations between his native and his adoptive countries. He lived in China from 1865 to 1906.

In 2008, Paul’s great granddaughter Anne Splingaerd Megowan, published a biography of her illustrious ancestor, The Belgian Mandarin, based on thirteen years of research of his extraordinary life. Since the book was published, more information, documents images and descendants have surfaced, and this web site, in collaboration with a primarily French language site in Belgium, http://www.goens-pourbaix.be/feuilles-style/Lin-chen.htm, is intended to provide updated information on Paul and the increasing number of progeny who can be found in 17 countries and on all the continents. (We are now beta testing a backup to Christian's site hosted on the Splingaerd.net server. You can reach it at Christian's Backup. Contact Anne for the protected area password.

We welcome your interest, and invite you to share any Splingaerd information you have. If you happen to be a relative not included in the family tree, please contact us.

Recent Additions
The Splingaerd Family

A new book by Anne is almost ready to publish.

Assembling the Paul Puzzle recounts events leading to the publication of the Belgian Mandarin and the surprising discoveries since then. Here are the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 of the new book which will be distributed electronically.

Anne has also written a short essay recounting her 2005 trip with Angela Elliot and Frank Keet Across China in Search of the Belgian Mandarin.

Christian Goens Centennial Collection

Nainai and Anne
Nainai and Anne: Zhang family photos

Statue in Jiuquan
Photos of Paul's Life

Paul in Kalgan in 1879
Blondel Diary Discovery


by Anne Splingaerd

Paul is in Wikipedia
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French Wikipedia also!

Paul now has a Facebook Page
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Anne has spoken about her great grandfather before a number of groups interested in Chinese history.
Here is a link to her Power Point presentation "In Pursuit of Paul".(Note: This is a 6.7 Mbyte PDF file which will take a while to download.)

We sadly report the death of Anne's father Joeseph Splingaerd, in a tragic fire that consumed his home in Huntington Beach, California. Services were held at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City on Tuesday, May 3, at 1:00 pm.

Here are some photos.

Proud Fisherman

GrandPa Joe

Eulogy by Daughter Anne

Eulogy by Grandson Andrew

A PowerPoint Presentation was prepared to show the
Highlights of GrandPa Splingaerd's Life.

Honorary Citizenship Certificate
Honorary Citizenship Certificate


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