05 Sep The Bridge that Paul Dreamed: Lanzhou Bridge Celebrates 100 Years

Zhongshan Bridge or Yellow River (Huanghe) Iron Bridge lies at the foot of the White Pagoda Mountain. It was the first bridge over the Yellow River in beautiful Lanzhou, China. And, it may not have been built as early as it was if it were not for Paul Splingaerd. Paul died before the Bridge over the Yellow River  was even begun. But,  books and newspaper articles in both Belgium and China credit him for having proposed its construction.

In 2009, eight of his descendants were invited to the city of Lanzhou to participate in the 100th anniversary of the First Bridge of its kind across the Yellow River, now known as Zhongshan Qiao.

Watch the video for more on Zhongshan Bridge,. It’s one the top sites to visit in  Lanzhou.

Read more about the Lanzhou Bridge Centennial celebrations.

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